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Business leaders ask us for help with one of their toughest questions: "how can we get more from our call center?" They want higher productivity, greater customer satisfaction, and faster solutions to their problems. Since 1989, we have answered their needs with seminars, processes, and teaching materials that have helped them not only deal with call center challenges, but transform their businesses. With RDC's unique experience and strategic vision, Fortune 100 leaders and start up companies have built customer relations, controlled costs, and grown profits by creating an uncommon call center.
Most consulting firms hire employees who are recent college graduates, but each RDC® consultant has hands-on experience in developing, building, and managing call centers. We offer an informed perspective on a full spectrum of call center areas from tactical operations to outsourcing to training, quality, metrics, and process redesign.
Our solutions work. You can rely on our products because we have implemented what we recommend at every level of call center organizations. We don't just provide products; we transfer detailed, practical knowledge. By getting solutions you can "own," you can see real organizational change.
Uncommon Credentials
Response Design is sought out for uncommon expertise in the call center industry. Here are some examples:
  • The American Society for Quality (ASQ), the Malcolm Baldrige program administrators,selected RDC® to contribute to ASQ's Quality Audit Handbook.
  • The American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) selected RDC® to develop a benchmarking study series focusing on customer contact.
  • Call Center Magazine presented the "Call Center Pioneer" award to RDC®.
  • Fortune Magazine invited RDC® to author an International Customer Contact supplement.
  • Trade publications including Call Center Magazine, Service Level Newsletter, Teleconnect, Teleprofessional, Call Center Times, CIAC Newsletter, e-Talk Newsletter, Call Centre Magazine - Europe have published articles written by the RDC® staff.
We've given speeches and presentations at many trade shows, conferences, and Web seminars, including:
  • ICCM
  • Advanstar's Call Center Conference
  • Call Center Campus
  • Call Center and CRM Solutions
  • National Conference on Operations & Fulfillment, Call Center Demo and Conference
  • Call Center Metrics Teleconference
  • National Meter Reading Conference
  • Rockwell Users Group
  • e-Talk Users Group
We are amazing partners, so take us with you on your uncommon journey.

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