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August 20, 2008 01:16 PM
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What's Wrong With This Promotion (or is it me)?

I get an email a few days ago that tells me about some new metric research. The email says, "If you are looking to boost your contact center performance, this guide will quickly get you up to speed. Would you like a free copy of this complimentary guide? If so, just let me know."

Immediately I understand this company doesn't "know" me. If they did, they would realize I don't manage a call center and boosting an imaginary call center's performance is not top on my list.

But, I am a research junkie. Therefore, I notify the company that I would like a complimentary copy. I comply with their instructions: "To receive your complimentary guide, simply reply to my email." (There is no link to click.)

I inform the compnay in my email that after reviewing the guide I would like to promote their company and research on the Customer Contact Performance Forum (CCPF) ( I explain we have members who might be interested in requesting the guide (I had no intention of including the entire guide on the CCPF site).

The next day, I get the most baffling email response. The company representative says, "We would prefer this not to be published on a public forum" and "I've attached the guide for your review, but please do not publish a link to this guide."

My next step was to check the company's web site to see if it is legit (and it is). Not only is it legit but the company's products target customer contact / call centers.

I don't get this. Why wouldn't the company want free advertising? Are they concerned compeititors might get a copy of their complimentary guide? Didn't they offer this valuable guide to promote their brand, company, products, and services?

I start wondering what investments companies make (mine included) to promote our products and services that become sunk costs because we put some silly restrictions around them. How many times do we miss out on great opportunities becasue we are trying to protect ourselves from that 1-2% risk that may happen?

I would love to hear what you think. I'm still amazed. Help me - I'm concerned that I'm the crazy one for reacting this way.

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I suspect the company uses the free document as a means to get the contact data for call center managers who may become clients. If you post the materials on your website, potential customers could bypass the sponsoring company - thus defeating the purpose of their promotional offer.

Posted by: Dale [TypeKey Profile Page] at November 3, 2008 09:06 PM
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